It seems that you want to know more about the team. We guess you are looking to understand our interests, what we like to do & our passions. But all we do is work & thus our product tells us all that you need to know about us :)

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Why are we building this?

Social networking platforms are making us anti-social. Professional networking platforms look like relics of the dawn of the internet & offline networks are restricted to the privileged few. We are here to change that.

Vignesh P.

Co-founder & CTO. Loves working with children at an NGO & figuring the simplest solution to the hardest problems. Ex. Tilt. Georgia Tech CS

Vivan P.

Co-founder & CEO. One day hopes to find a hobby. But till then pursues his love building & solving problems. 4 years experience. Ex. Business Advisory. New York University

Abhishek R.

Principal engineer. Loves irritating his cat & building "cool" things. 9 years experience. Ex. Microsoft

Nishant P.

Principal Engineer. Loves playing dota & automating the world. 8 years experience. Ex.Healthifyme

Rajath N.

CMO. Loves going on treks & making marketing funnels. 4 years experience. Ex. Piggy

Ram S.

Lead Mobile Engineer. Loves travelling & making witty remarks. 10 years experience, Ex. Everli.


Marketing associate. Loves trading bitcoin & conversing with people.

Join us?

Do you like what we are building? Do you find it hard to do things other than work? Are you always the hardest or smartest worker in the room? Do you hate fixed work schedules, hierarchies & going working from the office? Want to see your ideas come to life?
If your answers are a resounding yes, we can't wait to hear from you. Reach us at vivan@worknetwork.in or on the social media handles below.