A Social-Professional network for the leaders of tomorrow. 

We facilitate conversations between like-minded young professionals, to help them expand their network, explore opportunities & earn passive income. Powered by AI.

Earn Income

(Coming soon) We will allow you to monetize your network & earn passive income.

Group networking

Home to thousands of like minds engaging in endless conversation, and building an authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, finance, startups, or marketing, pick a topic & we will match you with like-minds for you to discuss it with.

1:1 networking

Have a professional objective, such as finding partnerships or need some professional advice? Tell us what you are looking to achieve & we will find the right match for you & set up a 1:1 video call.
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& you ?

Networking has never been so easy.

Insightful conversations, with like-minded people, a click away.

Pick a Topic

Saw a news article you want to discuss? Or perhaps a tweet? Maybe you have an objective you need to fulfill. Just pick the topic & get started.

Our AI Matches you

Matches made in Ml
Our algorithm then looks at your profile, interests & tons of other data points to find you the best match.

Meet Virtually

All you have to do is join
Your conversation is set up, an introduction is sent & all you have to do now is join.

Meet someone new.
Explore possibilities
Earn income

Android app

Built for the young &  ambitious Indian 

Unlike most social networks, whether the offline Business Networks or the coffee & lunch clubs of the world, we focus on young professionals in India. They are the leaders of tomorrow & the most in need of a strong professional network.

Re-imaging Linkedin

We thought about what Linkedin would look like if it were built-in 2021. Then went ahead & built it for you. Today you start by searching through a directory, similar to the yellow pages. Then sending endless -unread- messages. Then have to set up a call, with those that reply. Only to discover that there is no synergy of objectives or interests. And what's worse, you repeat the same process & the platform is none the wiser. This is not how networking should be in 2021 & well it no longer is with WorkNetwork.

Anyone can join. Not everyone can stay

A dichotomy: we take pride in having a open platform where anyone can join, without an invite, having to pay or having a Iphone. But we also take pride in removing accounts; for users that don't respect the community, are deemed not fit by the algorithim or we feel we cannot serve.

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